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Helping Those Injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents in Southern California

Even before the invention of motorized vehicles, there were vehicular road accidents. In modern times, the frequency of such accidents, injuries and fatalities has increased exponentially due to several factors: the dramatic increase in the number of vehicles on the road; the speeds at which cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles can travel; larger roadways that encourage greater speed; urban congestion; modern technology that equips many cars and motorcycles with built-in distractions, such as satellite radios and Bluetooth.

Motorcycles, which can travel at high speeds, offer riders the ability (although not the legal option) to weave through traffic, and offer very little protection to their riders when there is a collision. Bicycles, previously considered a slower, safer means of transportation, are now associated with greater risks because they are at increased use on roadways and city streets for reasons of health, convenience, and lower emissions in a world plagued by pollution.

There is also the impairment factor in vehicular accidents. Greater numbers of intoxicated and/or drug-impaired drivers on the road (and in the general population) make more vehicular accidents inevitable. If you have been injured in a vehicular accident in which the other party was at fault, you need the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney to make sure you are compensated for your trauma. At Advocate Law Firm, our attorneys handle personal injury cases involving motor vehicle accidents throughout Southern California including Irvine, Orange County, Anaheim, Inland Empire, and San Diego.

Steps to Take in the Aftermath of a Car Crash

Road accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injury. If you have been injured in a vehicular crash, it is important to get not only immediate medical care but prompt legal assistance.

Advocate Law Firm, a firm focused entirely on personal injury law, will advise you not to speak to any insurance representatives until you have engaged us to serve as your expert intermediary. We will investigate the specifics of your case and provide you with options.

If the other driver has been responsible for your injuries, you are legally entitled to substantial compensation to defray medical expenses, pay for property damage, replace lost earnings, and pay the price for your physical and emotional pain and suffering. Our skilled attorneys will assist you in obtaining the highest compensation possible, either through adept negotiation or through vigorous litigation. We have been through this process many times before and have the know-how to figure out just compensation for future, as well as present, medical costs and lost earnings.

Accident Injury Law Firm in Orange County

At Advocate Law, our first concern is making sure you obtain the best possible medical care for your injuries. Once we are assured that you are in recovery, we establish liability for your accident through careful investigation — preserving evidence, interviewing witnesses. We not only collect pertinent medical records to document your injuries; we clarify legal and insurance matters for you, including statutes of limitations, to make sure that any necessary papers are filed in a timely fashion. We handle personal injury cases involving car accidents throughout Southern California including Irvine, Orange County, Anaheim, Inland Empire, and San Diego.

We will also represent you in cases in which a defective product, such as faulty brakes, contributed to your accident, well-prepared to find out whether malicious intent (knowingly marketing a defective piece of equipment) or mere carelessness was behind the event. If the former is the case, you will probably be entitled to punitive damages over and above any other settlement.

We have named our firm “Advocate Law” for a reason: we will work closely with you to advocate for your rights, providing you with compassion as well as legal expertise. Since we work with you on a contingency basis, you will never be charged a fee for our services until we win your case.